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Inspired Bathrooms

3D CAD Designed Bathrooms

Designing your bathroom from the ground up

We realise how much your new bathroom may mean to you, which is why throughout the entire process, we are able to produce high quality drawings and 3D renders of your bathroom so you will be able to see exactly what your bathroom will look like before work even begins.

Initial Drawings

The process starts with an initial set of drawings, which we get from our measurement survey of your property – which we can then use to create a 3D render of your bathroom.

3D Renders

Once we have initial measurements and drawings, we can create a beautiful, photorealistic render of your bathroom. This enables you to see your bathroom come together before installation work even begins. It also affords you the freedom to make your design perfect down to the smallest detail.

Bathroom CAD Designs

Below we have a selection of some CAD drawings from some of our previous projects, to showcase the accuracy of our drawings and measurements.

Bathroom 3D Renders

We’re put together a selection of some realistic renders from previous customers bathrooms to showcase the quality of design you receive during the consultation process.